Registration fee: Families:

A registration fee of R200 will be charged should you decide not to employ an au pair from Au Pairs For You.
This fee is only payable once Au Pairs For You has sent you at least 3 suitable candidates.

Permanent Placement Fee:

A once off placement fee equivalent to 1 month’s salary is charged for all permanent placements.

Short-Term Placements:

For Short-term placements (i.e. placements not exceeding 3 months), the fee shall be 30% of the projected amount payable to the au pair over the period of the placement.


R50/hr with a minimum charge of 4hrs.

*Please refer to our TERMS & CONDITIONS for more detailed information.

Au Pairs:

A registration fee of R200 is charged once you have been placed with a suitable family.

Rate Guide:

Hourly: R40 – R60/hr:
The au pairs experience and qualifications, as well as the number of children and working hours determine this rate.

Full day salaries: Start at R6500 per month and go up accordingly.

Petrol is charged at the AA rate.